We rent a Standard Cirrus glider

March 19th 2019Author: Radek Krejcirik


We rent excellently equipped glider Standard Cirrus with contest number XII a reg. number OK-6394. Glider is fully equipped for competitions in club class, wave flights, XC flights. It is type Cirrus 75 with better glide ratio and safer attachment of elevator.

Glider is equipped with:

  • primary flight recorder - LXNAV LX9000F PowerFlarm - electronic variometer, joystick
  • Holder for Oudie / Oudie IGC including powercable
  • radiostation: Dittel KRT-2
  • vario: Winter
  • altimeter, speedmeter, turn and slip indicator or compas
  • connector and regulator for heating socks (Gerbings)
  • manual bugwipers
  • 1x 14Ah battery + 2x 10Ah battery
  • solar panel for charging batteries, switcher on board
  • Cloudancers covers for outside standing
  • set of anchors for outside standings
  • Swan trailer (cobra like)
  • parachute: ATL-90

If you are interested in renting the glider, please contact us via Contacts. Write an e-mail with date (from - to) and place (or competition), where you want to rent the glider. For control that the date you are interested in is available check Calendar. Prices and further information will be provided by e-mail communication.